Order Status

I thought that adding some details about Order Status' might be helpful to those waiting for their items to see how close I am to shipping out to them.  This will be a fluid list and I'll try to update it as often as possible. 

I fill orders in the order that I receive complete details from customers.  Of course, there are always the exceptions where I am trying to meet a special date and those orders might skip ahead of others waiting.  (However, I don't encourage you to wait for an etsy listing closer to the month you need your item...if you see a listing for the item you'd like to purchase, please do so as soon as you can!)

If you see your name in this color, your item(s) has been shipped!  Yay!!!
If you see your name in this color, your item(s) are being created!  Yay!!!
If you see your name in this color, THANK YOU for being patient!!! 

Holly Norris - shipped 10/18
Melissa Gunzburg - shipped 10/18
Lizbeth Orr - shipped 10/18
Jennifer Knaak - shipped10/21
Kara Klinger - shipped 10/24
Rebekah Pircon - shipped 10/24
Estella Wilson - shipped 10/25
Courtney Brinkman - shipped 10/27
 Kate Weaver - shipped 11/26
April Powers - shipped 11/3 
Christy Schrecengost - shipped 11/14
Kelly Malisewski - shipped 11/25
Jenna James - shipped 11/3
Judy Virkus - IN PROGRESS
Jennifer Holcomb - EST. SHIP DATE 12/10
Liz Henderson - shipped 11/14
Kristin Campbell - delivered 11/14
Jessica Maliszewski - READY TO SHIP
Sasha Wagoner - EST. SHIP DATE 12/10
Nicole Burleson - READY TO SHIP
Melanie Longworth-Brown - shipped 11/14
Lora Benson
Jennifer Farrell - shipped 11/14
Nicole De Van - READY TO SHIP
Kathy Quinn - shipped 11/26
Jennifer Parks - shipped 11/25
Deana Wolstenholme - shipped 11/25
Kelly Maliszewski - doll
MaryJane Demster - shipped 11/25
Heather G.