Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Boy doll, bone skin tone, chocolate brown hair, straight bangs, black eyes, green shirt, denim overalls

Davis (aka "Calvin" from my etsy shop) has been waiting patiently for a family to adopt him. He says that the closet shelf was often a lonely place for a young fella like him. But today, he's headed off to Nevada to be loved and treasured!

Bye, Davis! Send me a postcard from out west!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who Needs a Table for Dining Anyhow?!

Last week my husband and I made a big decision to purchase another home and sell our current one. Guess who's sewing space was eliminated for the interim??? I had a small corner tucked away in our bedroom that hardly resembled a sewing room anyhow, but was a space.

I was able to whittle all my materials and tools down to the bare essentials that are easy to store in a flash should a potential buyer want to come through our home. And today...finally after five whole days without sewing (for shame!!!)...I dug it out and it's spread all over the dining room table. I think it will stay here for the next two days. Who needs a table for dining anyhow?!

Well, honestly, we have an eat-in-kitchen with a table, too, so my sweet children don't have to eat on the floor much to their dismay! They love to eat in the living room but I just shampooed the carpet! No crumbs and spills!

So here I sit at the head of the table working on dolls and capes and praying that some lovely person will come along and fall in love with our home!

Where do you sew or craft? Do you have a dedicated space or, like me, do you work in any corner available?!

Brielle Ruth

Girl doll, bone skin, blue eyes, latte brown hair, wispy bangs, curly piggies, and light purple hair pretties. Ain't she sweet?!

Happy 1st Birthday, Brielle Ruth!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Introducing our Giveaway Day winner...Connor! He's headed off to the farm in the morning!

It's a of the few I've made! He has bone skin, latte brown hair, sideswept bangs, and blue eyes. He's dressed in denim overalls and red plaid shirt...all ready to be the hard-working farm boy he is growing up to be!

Bye, Connor! It sure was fun playing with you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Skin Tones

I added new skin tones in quality Kona Cotton to customize your dolls even more than before!

Left to Right: Bone, Khaki, Mocha, Coffee

Below I've suggested possible matches for ethnic groups, but please don't feel that you must follow my suggestions.

I choose the skin tone names based on the actual fabric names except for Coffee. It was called dark brown...boring! All the others had great names, so I came up with coffee. I think these names will also help lessen confusion between hair colors and skin tones - too many names with brown in them would be a recipe for dollie disasters!

Bone is closest to my original "light" skin tone fabric - Caucasian

Khaki is slightly more tan - Asian, Italian

Mocha is closest to my original "dark" skin tone fabric - lighter African American

Coffee is a very deep brown (even though it looks black in the photo) - African American