Ordering a Custom Doll

THANK YOU for your interest in my dolls!!!  I truly enjoying finding snippets of time to create these loveable, sweet dolls.  Doll making, however, is only a "spare-time"  hobby as my priorities revolve around building relationships with my Lord, Jesus Christ, my hard-working hubby, my super cute kids, my extended family and friends, homeschooling, and serving in our church.  I only make a few dolls per month which allows me time for my priorities and prevents me from feeling overwhelmed!  And besides all that, I just have to have extra time for my own sewing projects.

You MUST check my ETSY SHOP to see if I have any custom doll listings posted.  If there is one listed, snatch it up!  If not, keep checking back!  I will also give my facebook fans a heads up before I list new custom dolls for sale - so become a fan if you are not one already!!!  I hope to post new listings often - once a doll order is completed and shipped, I'll post another custom doll listing.  Please plan ahead for this!!!

Second, all doll correspondence should be directed to my "doll" email:  hiddeninmyheartdolls@gmail.com.  So, when you are sending me your choices for your doll, PLEASE send the info to the email above.

Third, purchases and payments can be made through my etsy shop with paypal or by personal check.  Once payment has been made, we will begin our conversation to finalize doll details.  Here is the link to my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/HiddenInMyHeartDolls  

** DOLLS: Here is the info I need from you for EACH doll:

1. Girl or Boy
2. Skin tone:: Bone, Khaki, Mocha, Coffee
3. Eye color: black, blue, brown, green
4. Hair color: blonde, latte brown, chocolate brown, orange, black
5. Bang style: wispy (several notches), side swept (diagonal across head), straight (horizontal with one small  notch)
6. Piggies: straight (oval-ish), curly (puffy cloud), or none (for girls or boys)
7: Message for tag:

*The message is securely attached to a ribbon and the doll's body to be stored in the heart pocket.  Please indicate if you would prefer for the message to be attached directly to the doll's tummy.  If the message is sewn to the doll's body, it will be square/rectangle shaped.*

*The message may contain your child’s name, a Scripture verse, birth stats, a favorite line from a poem or song, or a special message.  Of course, I will not print anything offensive or that goes against my Christian beliefs.*

*Please type it out WORD for WORD (i.e. don't simply give me the Scripture reference, but actually write it out).  Keep in mind that the more you write the smaller the type will be when I print the tag.  If wording is too long, I will have to ask you to shorten it (but I've never needed to shorten any messages yet).  Feel free to choose your own verse or use the ones that I've posted in the notes section on my fb doll page. PLEASE, PLEASE do a spell check, punctuation check, and date check as I will copy and paste EXACTLY what you've typed for the tag*

Any mistakes that are clearly not my fault, but mistakes in the way a customer has typed it out will cost $5 for correction plus S&H charges both ways (approx. $15 total).  Any mistakes on my part, I will gladly correct for free. 

**DRESSES/BLOOMERSDress & bloomer sets are sold separately from the dolls.  You must select a dress & bloomer set from my etsy listings along with your doll purchase.
**HAIR PRETTIES:  Can be purchased for $1.50 per pair.  They are removeable and come in a variety of colors to match your dress (pink, purple, blue, orange, green, red).  You may state your color preference and I will do my best to match that color to your dress.
**DIAPERS:  Can be purchased for $3.50 each.  They are reversible.  One side is fleece, the other side is printed cotton with velcro closures.  You may state your color preference (pink, yellow, purple, green, white), but the final decision on colors/fabrics will be up to me and what I have on hand to coordinate with your dress.

     *Doll: $32
     *Sunday Dress/Bloomers (girls): $10
     *Shorts/Shirt set (boys): $10
     *Hair Pretties: $1.50 per pair
     *Diapers: $3.50

*My photo albums on fb have detailed descriptions of each doll so please read the captions to determine your choices!*


**Please allow 2-3 weeks for the assembly and shipping of your doll.*

Thanks again for your interest!  I look forward to working with you!