Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Family of Supers

I received a request from a mom who wanted superhero capes for her four children. As our conversation continued, she decided that everyone in the family needed a cape...mom and dad, too! It's a family of supers!!!

It turns out that dad is a real life super hero. He's a soldier and is currently deployed to Afghanistan. The plan is for him to wear his cape as a surprise for his children upon his return at Christmastime. Wow! What a sweet homecoming that will be! (And I'm not talking about the cape...)

Spending time working on these superhero capes opened my eyes to all the blessings right here at my fingertips. What must life be might like for this family?...a daily sacrifice, risk, separation, heart longings and physical longings, single-parenting, and so on. It's easy to go on about my normal day when it doesn't hit so close to home. I'm thankful for the reminder. I've spent much time praying for this particular family and others in their shoes over the past few weeks. May we all remember and pray for these families!

Thank you, "T" family, for your sacrifice for me and mine...

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