Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Skin Tones

I added new skin tones in quality Kona Cotton to customize your dolls even more than before!

Left to Right: Bone, Khaki, Mocha, Coffee

Below I've suggested possible matches for ethnic groups, but please don't feel that you must follow my suggestions.

I choose the skin tone names based on the actual fabric names except for Coffee. It was called dark brown...boring! All the others had great names, so I came up with coffee. I think these names will also help lessen confusion between hair colors and skin tones - too many names with brown in them would be a recipe for dollie disasters!

Bone is closest to my original "light" skin tone fabric - Caucasian

Khaki is slightly more tan - Asian, Italian

Mocha is closest to my original "dark" skin tone fabric - lighter African American

Coffee is a very deep brown (even though it looks black in the photo) - African American

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